Bennett Read

Pressure and Multi Cookers

Fast Cooking with an Electric Pressure Cooker or Pot

Tender, juicy meals are only a click away when you purchase multi cookers and pressure cookers made by Bennett Read. Gone are the days of spending hours on end cooking to serve up a culinary masterpiece or a 3-course meal. With a variety of smart cooking functions integrated into our easy-to-use instantaneous pot machines, you’re certain to halve your cooking time when you treat yourself to a multi cooker.

From the Super Chef 6 to the 8-in-1 Gourmet Chef, you can’t go wrong investing in our cooking conveniences. And with our recipe guides, you don’t have to wait for inspiration to strike – flip through the pages for delicious and easy meal ideas that your family and friends are sure to love. Once you’ve experienced the fall-off-the-bone, succulent meals that can be created at the push of a button, it’s hard to go back to conventional cooking! Click through to our specials page to see if we have multicooker or pressure cooker specials.